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How does this work?

At $2499.95 a week, your ad gets viewed by the MNPG organic traffic pipeline (non-analytics based).

Instead of advertising on just one site, you get access to ad space on the entire MNPG family of sites, including interesting areas like: Architecture, Lifestyle, Exchange, Insight, MNPG Company Updates and Open Innovation. This also includes MNPG Limited Mini-Conglomerate & Universe non-Digital properties, in the Blockchain, Platform and Audience space, if the advertisee would like to reach them as well.

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Why MNPG Ad Network?

Try to find a better sponsorship opportunity than offering your product or service to the MNPG audience. With a readership who are smart, young and old, and multi trend setters.

Make an impact

Advertise using a wide package, with the benefits of a super targeted campaign. Realize better results with the peace of mind knowing that you are hitting all of MNPG with your ad.

Be heard

It’s all too likely, that your message will not be heard if you go the social media route and pay per click, is well pay per click. Get the most out of your dollars with the MNPG Ad Network.

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